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New York Safety Council

Feb 14, 2013 by Peter

Hello. The course online was just what I needed. Due to my hectic schedule, I could not be at class for 6 hours straight....I completed the class and then I introduced the online course to my wife and two daughter just completed get online course the day before yesterday...My complaint is: why did you send me a discount coupon two weeks after my completion of the course?..I could have forwarded the discount to my family...Can anything be done to credit our accounts?..please let me know.

Response: Hi Peter, We have issued a refund for $5 off each course you referred. Thanks for the referrals!


Feb 13, 2013 by Germaine Windley

I completed and passed the 6 Hour Defensive driving course about a month ago. I still have not received my certificate as of yet. I feel as if I have been scammed. Does anyone know the number to customer service?. I demand to speak to someone

Response: Hi Germaine, I\'m sorry you have not received your certificate. I will email you separately and we can verify your mailing address is correct before sending you a new one with tracking to ensure it gets delivered. I ensure you we are not scamming you. We send certificates out via USPS and sometimes for whatever reason they are not received and we have to resend. Thanks for letting us know so we can remedy the situation!

Not bad

Feb 12, 2013 by Joyce S.

I read a lot of reviews about this company AFTER I bough my course and I almost requested a refund. But my experience was completely fine. When I call a company I get annoyed at having to wait, yes. When I do not get what I paid for I get upset of course! But, that did not happen here. It takes a lot for me to write a bad review and honestly, this company must just be suffering a little bit of online reputation issues. Maybe people would be more forgiving if they just sat back and thought how hard it is to please everyone all the time? Got my insurance discount. I am a happy lady.

Response: Thanks Joyce. Our customer service director received your email as well and was happy to get the detailed feedback on your experience!


Feb 12, 2013 by Ray

I didn't get my cert and had to file a complaint with the customer service manager. Only then did I get what I needed! They did say it was mailed by USPS and I don't know if that's true. N-E-way they mailed it overnite and he was cool at least. SO 3 stars for effort I guess.

Response: Thanks for sharing your feedback and concerns with us. We take all feedback seriously and use it when appropriate to try and enhance your student’s experience and courses.
We regret that you had a difficult time receiving your certificate, which it appears we resent via USPS to no avail. Your desired resolution was somewhat met as we sent an Overnight delivery of your certificate at our expense, and also refunded your course fee.
Again, we regret the trouble you had, and understand your time is important and hope that you found the refund of your course fee and free overnighting of your certificate to be an amicable solution to your issue.

traffic school to go

Feb 08, 2013 by Jessie

This course is cheap and the timers were annoying, but it was worth the money for online traffic school. I called one time (I had failed the final but they let you take it over which was good cause I was freaking out!) and spoke to a Mikah, who was very helpful. Overall I would probably recommend to a friend.

Response: Thanks, we appreciated the feedback!

Online course

Feb 06, 2013 by Peter. S

I enjoyed the online course over the classroom. Thanks.

Response: Hi Peter, Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

Defensive Driving Course

Feb 06, 2013 by C. Johnston

I was locked out of my account after more than 4-hours on the course. I am requesting a Full refund of payment and a chance to complete the course or a certificate of completion.

Response: Hi C, We will honor our satisfaction guaranteed refund policy. The refund will take 3-4 business days to process back to your financial institution.
Further, I have unlocked your account. Please just let us know if you have any concerns and I can address them close to immediately via email.
Thanks for sharing your feedback and concerns, we take all feedback seriously, and use it when appropriate to enhance our courses and students experience.


Feb 06, 2013 by K.B.

I was locked out due to biometrics. I called and was on hold for a while before someone picked up the 1st time. They said they unlocked it, but they didn't and now I've been on hold for over 20 minutes.

Response: We regret that you had trouble getting through to the call center, and when we saw this complaint we ended up speaking to you personally, and resolving the matter to your satisfaction. We are very thankful that you gave us the opportunity to resolve this issue. You can respond to with any questions or issues.

We do appreciate your feedback though, and we try when possible, to use suggestions and criticisms to improve our students experience and courses where appropriate.
Thanks again and we regret the trouble you had,

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