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Sep 25, 2015 by Mariana Martinez

I was stressed to the max using this. They say contacting them is fast and simple but they never respond back to the chat messages and you have to be on hold for at least 45 minutes to speak to someone on the phone. I was stressed to the max when they told me that I was suppose to get my certificate in 48 hours and my road test appointment was the next day so I had to reschedule. They should of told me that before I started the course.

Response: Hi Mariana! I am VERY sorry if we caused you any stress. The FAQs for our Georgia Driver Ed website do state that you will receive your certificate within 1 to 2 business days after completing your course. I do see that we were able to expedite that for you and send it to you on the day of your complaint so I hope you were able to get everything sorted out!

Defensive Driving Course

Sep 23, 2015 by Ronald Skamanich

You advertise $14.95 for the course but charge $19.95. Then you charge $9.95 for a graduation certificate via e-mail but you hide this until the end of the course! I could have done the AARP course for less money. This is taking advantage of senior citizens. Also "Bit and Switch" is illegal,

Response: Hi Ronald! It was great to speak with you via e-mail! I am very glad we were able to resolve your issues and concerns, and I do apologize for any confused caused by the website. We are working to resolve the issues you brought to our attention and I hope that you are satisfied that we take every effort to be an honest and fair company. Thanks again for speaking to me! - Lauren


Sep 10, 2015 by Cheryl

Ugh! I had to email three times, call three times and pretty much pull teeth to get my student id number (which is required by the state of Illinois to reprint my certification). Arguing with a customer is NOT good customer service... Especially when the customer is right!!! Will never use this company again.

Response: Hi Cheryl! I do apologize for any miscommunication, and I\'ve e-mailed you with the relevant information. The process was changed recently by the State and they had not yet informed us of the change or of what they are using for student ID numbers, but I was able to track yours down and I have worked to inform our team of the changes. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and please let me know if you have any other questions! - Lauren K.

OSHA course

Jul 28, 2015 by Jim

very informing of job related injuries and how to prevent them from happening, the videos caught my attention and keep me interested. all in all a very good class and well set up. two thumbs up

certificate delivery

Jul 12, 2015 by Matleq

I completed my online drivers and I emailed you to check my tracking number and you should send confirmed email but there is no response, I don't know whether my certificate has shipped or not yet since I need it to send it to the court immediately!

Response: Hi! I see you spoke with a representative on 7/12 regarding your certificate status. The certificate is being mailed out via the method you selected, but since you finished your course on a non-business day, the certificate will be shipped today. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

certificate delivery and call center issues

Jul 01, 2015 by Harshit Kapadia

I , have completed my online drivers education from California and i call the American Safety Council 5 times a day and email them two to three times but there is no response soon , i dont even know whether my certificate is shipped or no and even i wanted to confirm my mailing address and the approximate shipping day .

Response: Hi Harshit! I see that you spoke with our customer service team multiple times over the past few days. Your certificate was shipped out on Monday but can take multiple days to arrive to you via the mail. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do!

Certificate Delivery

Jun 22, 2015 by Alikha

I took this course as mandated by the court. My written test is tomorrow and I am worried they wouldn't allow me to take the test. I purchased the Standard Shipping and Rush Processing option already, do you know when will I have the certificate?

Response: Hi Alikah! I believe your issue was discussed with you by our support team. For your course, your certificate is processed and mailed the same day you graduate as long as you graduate before the cutoff for the day.


Apr 26, 2015 by Matthew

Awesome this was super easy and did not take long


Apr 23, 2015 by Bob Bradley

I took this course as mandated by the court. I have until tomorrow to show proof that its complete and because of this inconvenient system in sending out the certificate I won't be able to do so in time and my license will be suspended. All i needed was something with my name on it that stated that i completed the course and I can't even get that. I do not find this fair at all. Thanks. If it allowed me to give zero stars I would do just that.

Response: Hi Bob, It looks like you completed your course on 4/23 and your certificate was sent the same day, and according to our tracking records it was delivered to you early in the morning on 4/24. Unfortunately the state of New York and the DMV that authorizes our course does not allow us to legally e-mail any completion documentation, so this overnight method was the fastest we could possibly send it to you. Most courts will allow for a day extension or more, but generally, we recommend completing the course more than 24 hours in advance of your final due date. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you were able to work everything out with your court.

Smooth Sailing... :)

Mar 13, 2015 by Melody

Simple, informative, really. Easy to log in, out. No problems loading pages, no excess amount of time to complete the course. Received certificate timely as stated. No need to call anyone for any reason. Thanks for the great experience and the opportunity to qualify for a discount. If you can read, you can take this course. If you need to break and finish another day, you can..with no problem. Not offering complaints..can't think of anything I experienced that was an inconvenience.

Response: Hi Melody! We are thrilled to hear you had a great experience with your course! Thanks for sharing!

American Safety Council Inc. 1-800-732-4135 5125 Adanson Street, Suite 500 Orlando FL, 32804 USA 3.2 5.0 96 96 I was stressed to the max using this. They say contacting them is fast and simple but they never respond back to the chat messages and you have to be on hold for at least 45 minute
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