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Hated the voice recognition.

Apr 16, 2014 by jorge

Definitely takes more than 6 hours. Good course. The voice recognition thing is too often and it is very annoying. It failed to recognize my voice several times. If it was not for that I would give the course 5 stars.

Very satisfied customer

Apr 03, 2014 by Mame

I started the class on Saturday, finished on Monday and got my certificate on Thursday.
Thank you so much .
I am so sorry for being a little bit rude in the beginning because the first time i was locked
out of the class i waited too long on the line to speak to someone so i was nervous .
But it wasn\'t really a big deal anytime it happened they locked me out and they are very nice and patient.
To anyone reading this if you want to take this course you have to be very patient and relax.

AZ course

Mar 17, 2014 by Quentin G.

I took an Arizona defensive driving course. Very satisfied. Keep up the good work!!!!

TrafficSchoolToGo CA course

Mar 17, 2014 by cynthia

very well presented.
there were a few typos, but overall, it was a good experience. the materials were relevant and i learned something.

Feb 25, 2014 by osvaldo j

I complete a defensive driving course on January 16, 2014 and based on the promise of the whole company of course, expected to receive certification of course completion by first class mail. Today is February 25, 2014 and still not received the security certificate and I paid. On eight occasions called the company to report the fact that no lel and received certificate. The first time I called, they told me that my license was returned to the company by the post office. I asked him to send them to our address again. promised me they received in 7 business days. A week later I had not received, certified To date, we not receive my certificate. and every time I call they tell me to send me the certificate in 7 working days.
To date, we not receive my certificate

Response: Hi Osvaldo,

We sincerely apologize for the issues you experienced. Unfortunately, weather issues have caused major mailing problems and delays for the USPS in New York and other northeastern states, and it seems as though there were also issues with your mail being returned due to an incorrect address. I see you spoke with a representative today who shipped out your certificate via FedEx 3-day; hopefully this will resolve your issue, and please get in touch with us if you have not received the certificate by the end of the week!

Kind Regards,
Lauren K.

Mind-numbing wait time between slides

Feb 19, 2014 by Caitilin Twain

This course took almost 7 hours for me to complete. The customer service reps assure me that this is a 6 hour course, if only I had clicked forward as soon as the allotted time for each slide was up. But I spent most of the time eagerly counting down each second until I could move forward and promptly did so. Plus, there was wasted time when the program suddenly had problems and gave me the error message that I should check back in later.
Another annoyance was the repetition within the slides - same material being repeated, not always in different words. Furthermore, for the most part the slides featured childish drawings, old data and/or a mishmash of data, with the end result that I felt like almost 7 hours of my life had gone to complete waste.
Think hard before you do this. If you make more in 6 or 7 hours than will be saved in insurance discounts, save yourself the annoyance. I learned nothing that I didn\'t learn when I got my license in the first place, making this an utter waste of time.

Response: Hi Caitlin,

We are very sorry to hear you were unhappy with your course experience. I have forwarded your comments on to our course development team, who are constantly working to improve the quality of our courses. We hope to address your issues in our next course update and hope that you would give us a chance again in the future. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.

Certificate Delivery

Feb 19, 2014 by Megan Bimont

I felt this course was great, the amount of time given was more than sufficient to complete the course and it was also very straight forward. The only problem i have is that i completed the course about three weeks ago and i haven't received a certificate yet and i'm not sure how long is it suppose to take.

Response: Hi Megan! Thank you for your comments. I have forwarded on your certificate issue to a customer support team member who will be in contact with you today to look into your course issue.

osha outreach construction

Feb 19, 2014 by Sergio

Things i really liked about this course were pictures with real life accidents which helped me more understand how important safety is. The voice that narrated throughout the course also helped and kept me engaged.

Response: Hi Sergio! We are so happy you enjoyed our updated course. Thank you for your feedback!

OSHA course

Feb 19, 2014 by Joseph G.

The content was not trying to trick you into making a mistake. It was straight forward and very helpful. I want to thank Wally, customer services is cordial , professional, and helpful attitude provided me with a very pleasant experience, considering we had no IT guys to address the issue I was having over the long weekend. I do want to thank him and I hope you would, please reward his efforts.


Feb 09, 2014 by Ashley Emmert

My daughter tried taking her test online- The site kept kicking us off- We were not able to finish the test & now the DMV shows 2 failed attempts.. We were in the middle of answering questions and the site kicked us off.. This such a scam. Now my daughter cannot take the test and we are out the cost of the exam. This is so ridiculous- Nobody at the number provided can assist either... This is a site error which we are penalized for.. What a joke!!!!!!!!!! RATING IS ZERO STARS..

Response: Hi Ashley,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Our course information shows that the second Road Signs portion of the exam was failed two times. When a student misses a certain number of questions and would not be able to pass the exam, the exam does not allow the student to move forward and answer more questions, as it would be a waste of time given the percentage already missed. Unfortunately, the exam can only be attempted two times online if it is failed and she will need to try again in-person at the DMV.

We are always working at improving our customer experience, and I will forward on your comments to our technical team so that they might make clearer why the exam is terminating. We would also like to offer you a 50% refund off the cost of the exam; I have e-mailed you to the address provided.

Again, we greatly apologize for the confusion and wish your daughter the best of luck on her exam.

Kind Regards,
Lauren K.
American Safety Council Quality Assurance

American Safety Council Inc. 1-800-732-4135 5125 Adanson Street, Suite 500 Orlando FL, 32804 USA 3.7 5.0 62 62 Definitely takes more than 6 hours. Good course. The voice recognition thing is too often and it is very annoying. It failed to recognize my voice several times. If it was not for
American Safety Council Inc.
5125 Adanson Street, Suite 500 OrlandoFL32804 USA 
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