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Tracking deliver

Oct 17, 2016 by Julie

Briauna was very helpful in getting me my tracking number and explaining delivery times.

Great Customer Service

Oct 06, 2016 by Paul Morton

I just wanted to give a big complement to Dave in the service department. Today he was able to help us navigate the system and provide wonderful news that made our experience much better. Thank you

Defensive Driving Course Questions (Chat)

Sep 27, 2016 by Angela

Briauna was very helpful with my questions before I signed up for the course, very professional and quick with responses.


Sep 15, 2016 by Lucas

I don\'t know about their other online classes but you will NOT receive the yellow OSHA card by taking this class. The name is similar and they will give you a white card that\'s good for nothing.
For the approved online classes see the OSHA link:

Response: Lucas,

I am sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with the course you took. I believe you have posted on another review site we monitor, Yelp, where I have already sent you a private message to gather more details about your order, so I may see how I may best assist you with your situation, after I verify you were a student of ours. If you were our student, it sounds as though you may have registered for our Hazard Recognition course rather than our OSHA Outreach Training.

Please understand, that we do offer many types of OSHA Training online, through different educational facilities, and each type of training facility we partner with offers different benefits. Depending on your occupational and training needs, one partner whom we offer the OSHA training through may be more beneficial than the other. I can explain the two main OSHA educational training websites we have, and the benefits of each in comparison.

At, we offer OSHA Hazard Recognition Training. That is the website you may have originally registered from, based on your complaint of receiving a non DOL-specific card. The benefits of that training are receiving instruction and education on OSHA regulations and requirements as they apply to the construction industry, as well as teaching safety awareness which assists workers in recognizing and reducing the risks of construction site hazards.

As well, upon successful completion of this course, graduates will be awarded a ASC OSHA Education Center wallet card (ISEI wallet card), certificate of completion, and continuing education units. Please understand that while that course offers OSHA educational training and information, it does not offer an OSHA DOL approved wallet card. (We do specify, on the site registration, that the courses in occupational and safety training offered at that website are not OSHA Outreach Training Program classes; students will not receive an OSHA 10- or 30-hour Outreach Training Program student completion card.)

The OSHA Hazard Recognition training benefits any students who work on job sites that do not require OSHA DOL approved training, and are able to utilize their ISEI wallet card from the Hazard Recognition Training Course on their job site. Additional benefits of taking the Hazard Recognition training are that the cards are available for delivery much sooner than DOL cards (as DOL issued cards can take up to three months to be printed), graduates are awarded continuing education units, and the course price is often economical in comparison to DOL approved OSHA training classes.

While many students are able to work on their job site with an ISEI wallet card, some individuals in certain states and/or on certain jobsites may be required to complete DOL approved OSHA Training in order to meet government mandated training standards.

For individuals with those needs, we do offer our OSHA Department of Labor approved training at, where we partner with our University Of Florida extension. The benefits of that training are as well, receiving instruction on OSHA regulations and requirements as they apply to the construction industry, as well as teaching safety awareness which assists workers in recognizing and reducing the risks of construction site hazards. However, the 10 & 30 Hour training courses featured at offer a DOL approved card upon completion. Generally, this course is a little more expensive than the Hazard Recognition Training, and as aforementioned, the card production process is slower than that of the Hazard Recognition Training we offer.

If you visit the same website you linked,, you will see that an approved provider is the University of South Florida, which is whom we partner with to provide OSHA DOL-approved training at

If you took a Hazard Recognition course but needed the DOL approved Outreach training for your job site, I would be happy to help you out with getting you into the proper course.

Again, I apologize for any misunderstanding or inconvenience, and I have already sent you a private message so that I may reach out to you personally to offer assistance.


Donna-Lee K.

great customer support

Sep 13, 2016 by mitchell garcia

I needed my receipt. They were very fast responding to my email. Thank Kelsey for your help it was very helpful

Good job

Sep 12, 2016 by Mia W

Very quick service and nice people good job

Help with taking lerners permit exam

Sep 07, 2016 by Gary Painter

Dave S was very helpful and professional helping get us back on track with my sons learners permit testing. Thanks for the great customer support!

Great Company

Aug 31, 2016 by Brian Lang

These guys are awesome, I highly recommend using them as the company to get your MAST. They go above and beyond.

New York Safe Driving

Aug 29, 2016 by Kathleen Scarpello

The course was very informative. A technical problem at the end of the course was quickly resolved by Kelsey. Kelsey was friendly, knowledgable and efficient. Thanks for having Kelsey on your team!

helped get onto course

Aug 28, 2016 by Brittany

kelsey was very helpful with my tablet so that I could navigate within my course

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