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Aug 07, 2014 by Alejandro

After a lot of trouble with the shipping and the certificate not getting here, I received a call from a representative and was told that it would be shipped through fedex with a tracking number this time, so I should be able to receive it within 3 business days, and this time we will be able to track down and see where the package is. I appreciate the help and that this could be solved quickly, as I am in a rush to get this certificate.

FL DMV Learner's Permit

Jul 13, 2014 by KATE MEYERING

We have fought with website all morning. Ipad - cannot use, cannot load flash player needed. The Internet Explorer allowed our daughter to complete up to question 19 then kicked her off. The we tried Google Chrome - constant error messages even after clearing all Browsing History, Cookies, Cache, etc. Our daughter's DMV appointment is tomorrow. If not handled timely, I will be requesting a rebate. Far from satisfied.

Response: Hi Kate,
We sincerely apologize for any issues or confusion. The permit exam is not accessible via iPad or mobile devices and must be taken on a desktop computer. As for the other error messages and problems, I am forwarding your issue on to our technical team to see if they can track down the causes! I do see that she was able to complete her exam (with fantastic scores!). If you have any further issues or questions, please let us know!

Kind Regards,
Lauren K.

Locked my account at the last stage .

Jul 09, 2014 by Usman Maher

Locked me at the last stage after i spent 8 hours studying the material, Trying to reach the Rep over the phone but long hold ,, Live chat unavailable . Need to finish the course to get my certificate but it's too annoying !!! should have paid $50 and sat in the classroom . NOT WORTH IT !!!

Response: Hi Usman,
Thank you for your review. I see you were able to graduate your course yesterday; the representative you spoke with mentioned that you were using a different phone connection than you used to create your voice sample and that you were speaking more softly, inconsistencies that can occasionally cause the biometric system to detect a failure. We are happy you were able to complete your course and will look further into the call hold issues you experienced.

Kind Regards,
Lauren K.


Jul 08, 2014 by Alexandra

I'm seeing a lot of others post about the biometrics part of this site, however my problem lies within the packaged deal I bought that includes the food handlers license and the TABC certification. I paid for the 21.99 bundle for these since it was the best deal I could find and it took me straight to the TABC course. I finished this with no problems! But when i passed the course and tried to find the food handlers course its no where to be found. I received an email for my promotion code but when i put it in the promo code box on the site it says i need to login. I do that whole thing and then it takes me back to the TABC page where my results are shown! I realized this site goes through multiple third parties which is awful! Im tired of trying to track down my course without paying for it yet again. Im praying the customer service reps will get back to me.

Response: Hi Alexandra! Thank you for your review. I see that you were able to get assistance to resolve your issue; the e-mail that includes the promo code for the package also includes the URL at which you can redeem it. We do not use any \"third parties\" for our courses or software. I will forward your comments on to our team to see if we can make the process smoother for future users. Thanks again and please reach out if you have any further questions!

- Lauren K.

Do not register this course

Jun 17, 2014 by Dan

If there is choice, i would rate -5 star.
The biometric verification system is terrible. They asked me to input login phrase and failed me frequently. Once you failed you were locked out of the course and need to contact with the custom service. I spent more than 8 hours for the course and they failed me at the last module. Then i was locked out of the course and they told me i need to re-register for the course and pay again to complete the course. Think about your hourly pay and all the stress and waiting time.
So more than 8 hours +registration fee. The cost is so high. Then you have to do it all over without knowing whether it is going to work. Not register this course to save your time and money.

Response: Hi Dan,

I apologize for the issues you experienced and we will look further into the problems you had to ensure they do not happen again. I see in your account that you were able to complete your course and graduate. If you have any further issues or questions, please contact us. Thank you for your review and your time.


Jun 16, 2014 by Danny Lee

I'm in the middle of the Colorado permit course and it takes so long to do atleast one lesson because of the 1-2 min slides. I really don't understand why I can't move on and do way more slides and be finish right away. And how the test you only have 3 tries like seriously give us more chances. This Course make me so stressful and my mother is rushing me to be able to be done with this course this week. I am regretting paying for this course and should've went to an ACTUAL driving school.

Response: Hi Danny, We apologize for any frustration you have experienced with the course! Unfortunately, the layout of the course (including the slide timers and quantity of test attempts) are regulated by the agencies that approve our courses. I will forward your comments on to our course development team so that they might bring this to the attention of the state agencies, and we will also work to see if there is anything we can do to improve the course within the state\'s guidelines. Thank you for your feedback and we hope you are able to complete your course successfully. If you have any further questions or issues, please feel free to contact us.

Pay attention to reviews!

Jun 08, 2014 by Mike Gautam

Suggest users to read the reviews before spending money, time and aftermath harassment.
Simple, PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL to avoid falling for unscrupulous companies working on easy money making Government approved online business formula.

Response: Good afternoon, I sincerely apologize for any issue you might have experienced and would love to see if we can resolve your dissatisfaction. I was unable to find an account under your name or e-mail address - could you possibly send your account information to so that I might investigate your issue further?

Misleading advertise/no delivery

May 23, 2014 by Mark

The course material was poorly organized and dated. This company should be audited. The business model of this company and the like is built on pushing users to place a rush order to get for money. They know that if the user is late, the user will face a hefty penalty from the court and a negative point on drivers license... I completed the course on March 23rd and requested a regular delivery. My hope was that one month would be enough to receive the certificate in mail. I did not receive my certificate using their regular order. I receive other mails without a delay. Yet, this certificate did not arrive. I called the company on May 23rd to inquire. The answer was that I wrote \"POBOX\" together. It should have been written \"PO BOX\". That may be the reason why I have not received the certificate in a month!!! So, if I wanted to receive it on time, I was asked to use the overnight delivery and pay another $30. And I had to do so. Worst part of this story is not this company. It is the legal system in our country that creates criminal organizations such as this one. Where is the court? justice department? Why wouldn\'t they audit these companies that are so called providing a service on behalf of the US government or courts. Yet, nobody cares to audit the company. I read through other reviews. It is clear that I am not the only one who faced a similar problem. It is a simple. Have an auditor check their business practice and bring forward the issue. I bet more a significant % of regular mail requests are not fulfilled. If that\'s the case, this organization and their directors should be fined and serve a jail time. I will write to BBA next.
The five star reviews below are probably created by the company itself. No satisfied customer (of a traffic safety course!) would come back to this website and take the time to write a review and tell how great it was to take this course! Who are you kidding?!

Response: Hi Mark,

We sincerely apologize for the issue you experienced. Unfortunately, with the number of certificates we send through the mail daily, the post office system does occasionally cause problems for some students. I am happy that we were able to refund your expedited shipping fee and that FedEx is showing that your certificate was received on 5/27. Again we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We do audit our shipping processes often and will continue to do so to ensure that this occurrence is a rarity. Thank you for bringing the issues to our attention and we hope that you were satisfied in the overall resolution of your problem.

Kind Regards,
Lauren K.

Misleading advertising

Apr 26, 2014 by Matthew saul

I'm in the middle of it now. Why do you have 1 min slides which I can read 4x. I find myself waiting and watching the clock count down. If I walk away it kicks me out. Also, you state that there's no exams or final test to complete this course. Are you joking? I've taken a few already and if you fail it you get off. I would rather sit in a classroom setting where at least the instructor cuts through all the nonsense and cuts you lose early. Since I've paid for the course, I have to finish it now. My advice,...... Make the slides 30min each and cut down on the kicking your paying customers off the site.

Response: Hi Matthew,
We apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstandings and I have forwarded on your complaints to our course team to help us to better improve our course experience. Our course contains end-of-module quizzes in lieu of a cumulative final examination, which many students find to be more appealing as they test your knowledge of the information right after completing a module on it. This testing style is one of the choices offered by the approving state agency. The state also mandates a minimum length of the course controlled by page timers, though I will forward on your suggestions to make the pages longer.

Thank you for your feedback!

Kind Regards,
Lauren K.

Hated the voice recognition.

Apr 16, 2014 by jorge

Definitely takes more than 6 hours. Good course. The voice recognition thing is too often and it is very annoying. It failed to recognize my voice several times. If it was not for that I would give the course 5 stars.

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